Energy Support Royal Honey

Energy Support Royal Honey Royal Honey is the most popular dietary supplement to enhance the immunity, increase resistance and regenerate the body. It can be used as as substitute for drugs, instead of spending hundreds of thousands of Vietnam dong to go to the hospital every year. This product is made 100% from natural ingredients, so it will not cause any side effects on the body. And because of that fact, Royal Honey can be used for long time without worrying about the consequences. walmart royal honey However, it should be noted that royal honey should not be used by people suffering from severe chronic diseases such as: Chronic renal failure, severe heart disease, severe liver failure, cancer

Royal Honey

is a product that is 100% natural, no chemicals, and is a product of Science technology. Royal Honey is truly a great product and one of the few of best-selling products of Viet Nam Golden Royal Group. The product have been sold a lot in Viet Nam and export to over 30 countries in the world such as Malaysia, America, Korea, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Burma … Now, it is being exported to Russia, Czech, Romania. With lots of utilities, Royal Honey is always a good choice for men and women. Royal Honey helps to promote the recovery of health and increase resistance. In addition, it also increases the sexual ability, promote the secretion of semen and glandular glands, while preventing infertility in men. It also helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints. Royal honey can be used for the aged, patients with poor health or for those who intend to improve their physical strength. Especially for men, royal honey helps to increase the amount of semen and prolong the sexual activity. Royal honey helps to prevent prostate. Royal Honey is one of the best quality honey in the world and it is made from natural ingredient strictly control under GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice system. That is why Royal Honey sell well and is trusted by many customers all over the world. Royal Honey is the best gift for you and your health. The average recommended serving Royal Honey is 2 to 3 bags per day. Each bag contains 5 ml. So, you should use 10-15 ml daily. Use in the morning and work along the outside of the lips. Use 3-6 months consecutivel, then rest for one month before proceeding to use the 7th month.

Energy Support Royal Honey

“Honey…well supported” Royal Honey is one of the most beneficial natural substance on earth that contains the secret of living and youth. It is a very unique gel-like substance which is prepared by bees’ nectar and used as an energy source. Energy Support Royal Honey is extracted from the bee hives and is processed with various herbal supplements that increases the efficacy of it. The whole process of preparing a royal honey is quite complicated and lengthy which is performed by the skilled bees’ and only contains natural ingredients. When a bee gathers nectar from the flowers, it brings it to the beehive and stores it. It takes almost two or three days for its preparation and when the Royal Jelly is prepared, bees feed it to the youngest beetles or larvae first and rapidly become a developed bee. They return to the field for the rest of their lives and the Royal Honey can be extracted manually from the bee hives. Energy Support Royal Honey is a complete food source which possesses various nutritional components and properties that benefits human health. History Royal honey has been used since many decades and according to the ayurvedic experts, it is used as a nutritious food supplement. Royal honey has also been used since thousand of years as a traditional medicine in China. Energy Support Royal Honey has been used to treat variety of diseases such as diarrhoea, diabetes, infections, virility and skin disorders. This honey has been used to improve health and enhance vitality by Chinese people. The various ways of using it are: • Fed to where can i buy royal honey near me infants for healthy growth • Gave to ageing people to improve immune system •

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A tonic used by convalescent and athletes as a complementary medicine of modern times. Royal honey is famous among the consumers because of its exceptional nutritional values. It has a longer shelf life in comparison with normal honey. It does not crystallize rather it develops a stable non-crystallized form that can last for several years under standard condition. What is Energy Support Royal Honey? Energy Support Royal Honey is a unique substance prepared and processed with various herbal supplements that increases its nutritional value and improves its potency. This honey is highly nutritious and possesses various remarkable medicinal values which provides various health benefits and treats multiple health conditions. It is a complete food substance which maintains very strong anti-oxidant properties to eliminate the free radicals from the body and reduces the chances of developing various diseases. Energy Support Royal Honey stimulates the immune system because of its various anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties that boost the overall health and strengthens the natural immunity. This honey prevents obesity and enhances the body's metabolic rate which increases the rate of burning excessive fat from the body. It is a very good remedy for ageing that improves the nervous system and enhances brain performance. Energy Support Royal Honey can be consumed with tea, warm water or cold water to provide long lasting energy to the body. It also plays a vital role in increasing stamina, stamina and stamina that allows anyone to lead a longer, healthier, stronger and more youthful lifestyle. How is it beneficial? Energy Support Royal Honey is abundant with various essential nutrients that help to promote optimal health and give a longer, healthier and youthful life. This honey provides the best nutritional benefit when taken in its natural form or in the balanced amount. It offers various health benefits when taken in its proper amount. It has zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero protein, zero carbs and zero calories which is ideal for a diabetic patients and for weight loss. Pure honey can regulate the cholesterol level and support the stomach function. It is a very good source of flavinoids and antioxidants that provides various health benefits to the user. It improves the immune system and reduces the symptoms of coughs, colds and other allergy. Energy Support Royal Honey is a guaranteed health supplement which improves the overall health and increases sexual vitality by providing the essential nutrients to the body. It increases the production of semen and increases the health of reproductive organs. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal in nature which helps to resist the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus. It also releases the natural pain-killer substances in the blood that helps to give relief from body pains and migraine. Energy Support Royal Honey is a very good source of energy that improves the overall health of the user by providing numerous nutrients to the body. It is safe for all age group even for children and pregnant women. This honey does not contain any addictive compounds and is free from any harmful side effect. How to use? Energy Support Royal Honey is recommended to consume one teaspoon of honey daily in the morning. This honey can be consumed with warm water, tea or milk to enhance the efficiency of it. For a complete rejuvenation, fitness and strength, this honey can be consumed one teaspoon at night before going to bed. Energy Support Royal Honey can also be taken with a cup of coffee or tea to promote sexual vitality.

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Energy Support Royal Honey or (ESRH) is one of the products of a leading medical research agency of India, Royal Life Science Technology Pvt. Ltd. ESRH comes with the natural sweetness, taste and aroma of Honey. It is the right blend of honey, royal jelly, saffron, with a lot more natural herbs and Ayurvedic components. It is the best food supplement to give a person the energy to survive in the modern day world. Some of the unique features that set ESRH apart from the normal honey based food supplements are: It is very easily digestible. It boosts up the energy level of dull and lethargic persons and those who perform physical activity. It is a source of obtaining stabilized supply of sugar and glucose to the body. It is beneficial to the liver, kidney and muscle tissue when compared to glucose and other sugar products. Due to the herbal ingredients in the product it is highly useful to the brain, as it is a great source of nourishment for the brain cells. It is also helpful in strengthening the nervous system along with the immune system. Due to a herbal product, it is useful for pregnant women and children. It is not just a food supplement but also a powerful dietary supplement. It is used by many athletes and sports persons to improve their stamina and keep their energy level high. Drinking a teaspoonful of Energy Support Royal Honey with lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning enables one to face the day with bright and fresh energy. 1 teaspoonful of ESRH'Energy Support Royal Honey' contains: Royal jelly......................................750 mg Honey ...........................500 mg Ashwagandha..................................240 mg Satavari................................120 mg Kuth................................24 mg AAMLA................................24 mg Loha Bhasma.........................60 mg Abhrak Bhasma.......................10 mg Kesar................................2 mg Vidarikand................................20 mg Vidarikand................................20 mg Satawari................................20 mg Tulsi................................20 mg Extract of other spices................................1 mg Energy Support Royal Honey is a product from Royal Life Science Technology Pvt. Ltd. (

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